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Yale University

CPSC 626: Human factors in computer systems: design, evaluation and presentation (Fall 2020)

CPSC 425/525: Mobile and Embedded Systems (Spring: 2021 and 2022) (Not offered in 2023 due to sabbatical)

CPSC 429/529: Principles of Computer System design (Fall 2021-2023)


Rice University

Rice ELEC513/COMP513: Complexity in modern systems (Spring 2013 to 2019)

Rice ELEC101: Elements of Electrical Engineering (Spring 2010 and 2011, co-taught with Ashutosh Sabharwal)

Rice ELEC518/COMP518: Energy efficiency in modern systems (Spring 2009 and 2011)

Rice ELEC424/COMP424: Mobile & embedded system design and applications (Fall 2006-2011, 2013, 2014, 2016-2018)

Rice ELEC528: Mobile & embedded system design and applications (Spring 2006)