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Lin Zhong, Ph.D.
Dept. of Computer Science
Yale University, New Haven, CT

51 Prospect St, New Haven, CT 06511
lin.zhong AT yale DOT edu
Office: 308A Arthur K. Watson Hall

I am an experimental computer scientist and I build systems as a way to validate research hypotheses. I care about how computing and information technologies can serve people untethered, or Mobile Computing. My research is concerned with both mobile network infrastructures and devices. Lately I am interested in pushing the limits of software systems by embracing analog hardware, formal methods, and new systems programming languages. I have also developed an interest in the control system of quantum computers, which is surprisingly similar to the massive MIMO systems we have worked on.

Biosketch, Full CV

☆Postdoc, graduate and undergraduate research opportunities available in a broad range of experimental topics. Many of the opportunities are collaborative with colleagues from the NSF AI Institute and Yale Quantum Institute.

Theseus OSTheseus, an operating system written in Rust to explore OS structure and state management, is open-source here.

If you are interested in using our Argos massive MIMO systems, they are commericially available from Skylark Wireless, a starup co-founded by my former Ph.D. student Clay Shepard. They will also be available soon as part of the NSF-funded Platform for Advanced Wireless Research (PAWR) program.

We have recently released a complete software realization of massive MIMO baseband here.

Ph.D. Alumni (and their first jobs)

  • Kevin Boos (Founder of Theseus Systems): Ph.D., 2020 (Best Paper Award, MobiSys'14).
  • Min Hong Yun (Google): Ph.D., 2018 (Distinguished Paper Finalist, NDSS'19).
  • Clayton Shepard (CTO and Co-founder of Skylark Wireless): Ph.D., 2017 (ACM SigMobile Test of Time Award 2022).
  • Robert LiKamWa (Assistant Professor, Arizona State EE & Media): Ph.D., 2016 (Best Paper Award, MobiSys'13).
  • Ardalan Amiri Sani (Assistant Professor, UC Irvine CS): Ph.D., 2015 (Best Paper Award, MobiSys'14).
  • Hang Yu (MobiSport): Ph.D., 2015.
  • Felix Xiaozhu Lin (Assistant Professor, Purdue ECE): Ph.D., 2014 (Best Paper Award, ASPLOS'14).
  • Mian Dong (Co-founder of MobiSport): Ph.D., 2013 (Best Paper Award, MobiSys'11).
  • Ahmad Rahmati (Apple): Ph.D., 2012 (Best Paper Award, MobileHCI'07).
  • Jun Yao (Assistant Professor, UMass-Amherst ECE): Ph.D., 2011.

Recent Talks

Selected Recent Publications (Full list)

  • Fusion Blossom: fast MWPM decoders for QEC (IEEE QCE 2023) (arXiv) (Best Paper, 1st Place, Quantum Systems Software)
  • Theseus: an experiment in operating system structure and state management (OSDI 2020) (PDF)
  • Ginseng: Keeping secrets in registers when you distrust the operating system (NDSS 2019) (PDF) (Distinguished Paper Finalist)
  • Rio: a system solution for sharing I/O between mobile systems (MobiSys 2014) (PDF, received Best Paper Award)
  • K2: a mobile operating system for heterogeneous coherence domains (ASPLOS 2014) (PDF, received Best Paper Award)

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